Trouble on Planet Earth

Role: Set and Costume Designer
Production: Trouble on Planet Earth
Year: 2008
Company: The Border Project
Director: Sam Haren
Performers: Kath Fyffe, Amber McMahon, Cameron Goodall, Dave Heinrich, Jude Henshall and Alirio Zavarce.
Lighting Design: Ben Snodgrass
Sound Design and Composition: Andrew Howard and Andrew Russ
Video Direction: Dan Koerner
Text: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Controller Design: Matthew Gardner and Ray Gardner




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  1. Matthew Kneale » Blog Archive » Recent Work - Trouble on Planet Earth Says:

    […] I just finished designing the Set and Costumes for the Border Project’s new show, Trouble on Planet Earth, which is running until 16 March in the Adelaide Fringe Festival. […]

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